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Welcome to Bayside Personal Training.

At any age, any time, you can improve your fitness, look better & feel better.

My passion is working with people and delivering truly personal training that meets your needs. My approach is to listen to you, ascertain your fitness & lifestyle goals & understand what motivates you. I'll provide the expertise, tools,encouragement and support to help you achieve your personal health & fitness goals. You bring a desire and commitment to be involved.


I am especially passionate about pre & post natal exercise & I have developed a special service within my business to cater for the needs of these women.



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Nothing you imagine in your mind is impossible!











Picture of the month.....


Getting bikini booty ready!


October's Client Testimonial

 "Sarah's sessions are the best!  You laugh, sweat (like crazy) and it's completely baby friendly.  She'll even hold my little one if she gets grizzly!  No way I would have lost all my baby weight at a normal gym.  Thanks Sarah!"

Julia Weyhe    





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