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Welcome to Bayside Personal Training.

At any age, any time, you can improve your fitness, look better & feel better.

My passion is working with people and delivering truly personal training that meets your needs. My approach is to listen to you, ascertain your fitness & lifestyle goals & understand what motivates you. I'll provide the expertise, tools,encouragement and support to help you achieve your personal health & fitness goals. You bring a desire and commitment to be involved.


I am especially passionate about pre & post natal exercise & I have developed a special service within my business to cater for the needs of these women.



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It takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference.

8 weeks for your friends to notice and

12 weeks for the rest of the world,

Keep going!











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August's Client Testimonial

 "Sarah ticks all the boxes for me - a personal trainer who provides a fun interesting workout, tailored to suit my goals.  She can push you hard if you want or provide you with a modified workout if that is what you need.  I always feel good after a workout with Sarah."

Clare Lane    





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